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PAC board volunteers for 2020-2021

The Hyalite PAC board is looking for parents, guardians, or family members who want to help with enriching the learning opportunities for all Hyalite students during the upcoming school years. The PAC will need to fill the following positions; Board President, Board Vice President, Board Secretary, and other Board Trustees. The current PAC Board would like to provide an opportunity for those individuals who are interested in filling any of the positions to shadow the current board officers, to help prepare them for the next school year. If interested please contact the Hyalite PAC at or attend our next working meeting on February 11th at 6pm in the library. Our students directly benefit from the hard work of our PAC members... we need your help to keep programs like the health enhancement and art field trips, Color Run, movie nights, assemblies and speakers, boxtops, classroom enrichments and more running smoothly.

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