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Classroom Enrichment Grants

Most of the funds raised by the PAC go directly to teachers who use the money for field trips, project supplies, guest speakers and more that integrate with their regular classroom learning! 

School-Wide Enrichment

In addition to enrichment money that goes to each classroom,           the PAC supports school-wide initiatives that improve and enrich   the Hyalite experience.  Recent projects have included:

  • Year End Reading Celebration

  • Sponsoring after school clubs like STEAM

  • A yearly big gift to the school, such as grounds                                       improvement or technology equipment 

  • Field Day

  • New Idea Grants for Teachers

  • Support of the 5th grade legacy project

Arts & Fitness Funds

With funds raised, the PAC is able to provide additional arts enrichment opportunities such as guest artists, arts field trips, performances and more.  These funds also support ongoing in-class art through the Art In Action curriculum, which culminates in our Spring Art Show. 

The PAC is also able to provide each grade with an additional fitness/health enrichment experience.  These include field trips, guest coaches and teachers and recreational opportunities for each grade.

Literacy Grants

With funds raised from the annual lip sync for literacy, teachers are able to purchase books for their classroom libraries to supplement ongoing lessons and more! 

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